• Chicken Masala Powder

    A South Indian Chicken curry based on Chicken masala recipes that are passed over from our ancestors are all the more tempting and super scrumptious.  They make you mouth-watering when you hear of the method of preparation itself.  Any foodies who crave for something unique will be content with such a flavor.  Buy online from Coastaruchulu for a pack of Chicken Masala Powder and just get astonished by its taste!

    If you are a beginner and new to the kitchen or newly married or trying out favorites for your parents or cousins or even cooking for fun with your friends, finally the dish must be at least worth serving on a plate.  So, while making such trials, keep in hand these kinds of masala powders to enhance your cooking and it gives you courage to make a try the next time.


    Chicken Masala Powder

  • Fish masala Powder

     If you are a sea food lover, you are sure to look for fresh recipe ideas to equate the taste of having missed meat in your life.  Or even if you are a meat eater, you may be looking for some difference in taste when you switch over to sea food on any day.  How can you achieve this unless you have a different ingredient mixed with your preparations?  Did you get what we are trying to tell you?  You might choose different recipes to make but using the same masala powder again and again, would result ultimately in the same taste and not meet your expectations, ain’t it?  So, why not buy Coastaruchulu Fish Masala Powder online to add a twist to your fish curry recipe or your fish fries to get the taste of five-star hotels.  Add to cart immediately to quench your thirst of an ideal fish recipe to taste with our uniquely made masala powder ingredients!

    The curry leaves and turmeric added while preparing Fish Masala Powder is the highlight of it.  The benefit of turmeric is infinite and it is native to India for which other countries are trying to claim patent rights is a known fact.  But more than wound healing properties, turmeric is a natural antibiotic, which is added as an ingredient in almost every dish in India by default in all culture and traditions.  This is because of the color, aroma and health that it gives us.  The curry leaves are no less in this list.  They are also found in almost every item prepared the Indian way.  If used while you sauté, there is a general complaint that it is goes to the waste.  But if grinded with masala powders, no one can avoid eating the same.  This reason made our granny’s think wisely to include it almost all masala powders.  We also have done the same in Coastaruchulu Fish Masala.  Curry leaves are not only helping in weight loss but they are also rich in iron and cure morning sickness, good for eye sight and also helps in eliminating unnecessary bacteria from your body by curing constipation too.


    Fish masala Powder

  • Garam Masala Powder

    Garam masala powder is a proportional mix of these spices which are all from Indian origin.  When this blend of spices goes less or more it messes up the garam masala recipe.  Consequently, experience is an essential requirement to prepare these.

    Garam Masala can be used for:

    The inseparable item from Indian kitchen is the Garam Masala Powder that adds flavor, aroma and a hot taste to almost all side dishes prepared.  It strongly adds taste to your curry so it is enough if you use very less of it.  It can be used for making of curries, snacks, etc.

    · Give more life to your plain dhal curry by adding a pinch of garam masala to it.  Your family members are sure to be astonished with the change in taste.

    · Just sauté any vegetable like lady’s finger, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, beans or cabbage with a small pinch of garam masala powder to give a punch in its normal taste.

    · Saute a little of Coastaruchulu garam masala when you make side dishes, curries, sabjis or kurumas for chapathi / roti / phulka / pulav

    · Prepare masala pori (Puffed Rice Masala) as your evening snack with a pinch of garam masala added while you sauté it.  For those who do not know how to make this easy snack.

    •  Heat two spoons of oil in a broad pan.
    •  Add 1 split red chili, Bengal gram dhal / peanuts of your choice and sauté well.
    • Add a pinch of turmeric & garam masala and switch off the stove.
    • Now mix puffed rice 2 cups and blend the mixture so that the masala and turmeric powder gets evenly spread on the puffed rice and the color changes.  Yummy evening snack is ready!
    • Make your own home made chat with Coastaruchulu garam masala.  All you need to do is make some pani and fry a few puris.  Add this spicy garam masala to the potato stuffing you have prepared and serve it.  Now wait to listen to the word Awesome! From your family members.
    • You can also try dahi puri or other chats with this garam masala.

    Garam Masala Powder

  • Kandi karam podi

    When proteins are packed into a powder form, everyone feels the yum factor mixed with good health.   Isn’t it?  This Kandi Karam is a classic Andhra recipe where lentils are packed into spiced up powder for your convenience.  Ready to eat food and saves time and energy spent in cooking.  Kandi Podi comes handy for people who are busy at work and also have their cook on leave.

    There are homes in Andhra where a single day doesn’t pass away without podis for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In all these homes this Kandi Podi is a must.  It tastes excellent with gongura pachadi, avakai pachadi, mango thokku and tomato pickle.  The reason to include it in their daily food is for all the benefits that it gives like:

    · Rich in folic acid and is an essential daily diet requirement.  Also helps in fetal growth of pregnant woman.

    · Toor dal is a healthy source of dietary fiber and it prevents constipation when included in regular diet.

    · Simple carbohydrates have processed and refined sugars with very less nutrition but legumes such as toor dal has complex carbohydrates of high nutritional value.

    · Rich in calcium, vitamin B and potassium too.


    Kandi karam podi

  • Karivepaku karam

    To every South Indian, a breakfast or a meal is incomplete without a podi.  How nice it would be if that podi or powder gives them complete iron and acts as a best appetizer?  The answer to this is to add a little spice to your food and life through Karivepaku Podi

    Curry leaves is normally used for seasoning, to add a special flavor to the dishes that you prepare like sambar, poriyal, curries, masalas etc, but it is usually not consumed by all.  It is just discarded. Isn’t it?  Now, even though you have heard your granny’s say “Curry Leaves helps in growing thick, long and strong hair”, Will you eat it?  No.  So, in what form are you going to consume the same if not – powdered?  Get benefited by eating this Karivepaku Karam from Coastaruchulu

    • Curry Leaves have a rich source of iron and folic acid, which helps in increasing hemoglobin content in your body which also beats anaemia.
    • It helps you to lower blood sugar levels.
    • It has the highest fiber content and prevents constipation.
    • It fights diabetes.
    • It also helps in lowering cholesterol and improves digestion.
    • The best food that prevents greying of hair and good hair growth.
    • Recommended in Ayurveda for gastro intestinal issues.

    Karivepaku karam

  • Kobbari karam podi

    Andhra style Kobbari karam podi / Coconut Chutney powder has the highest nutritional value when compared to all other instant powders.  A good replacement for a coconut granola bar or adding coconut in your food through milk form or grated form can be this powder.  This is because of its spice adds more taste when mixed with rice and ghee.  The roasted coconut and dried red chilies as main ingredients add more aroma to the Kobbari karam podi / Coconut Chutney powder to make a unique Andhra style accompaniment for a traditional breakfast or lunch recipe.

    This will be any kid’s favorite for sure because of its flavor and aroma.  Kids and adults love coconut based food for its yummy taste.  When you have the need to satisfy everyone at home chose an easier option like coconut karam.  From the native taste of your countryside, like how your grandmom makes things for you is the aim of our product’s taste.




    Kobbari karam podi

  • kura karam podi

    Curry powders / Kura Karam Podi are not only used in vegetarian food but also add color and flavor to non-vegetarian food. The method, time and quantity of adding this powder to the dish needs to be given extra care so that you get the right taste.

    · You can very well sprinkle it on fried onions to make a special curry masala base for your side dish curries. Additionally tomatoes are also added at times along with cooked vegetables.  This is the easiest means of using this curry powder.

    ·  Add a pinch of it to your yoghurt to make it spicy.

    · You can even add it with lemon juice to prepare marinades.

    · When mixed with mayonnaise and fresh veggies to form a filling for sandwiches, the person who eats is sure to get endured in the taste and end up saying a wow! Or awesome for sure!

    ·  Add it with chicken and mayonnaise to make the coronation chicken.

    · When you make omelets, don’t forget to use curry powder which makes them extra ordinary in taste.

    · Use it in your regular tomato chutney or coconut chutney instead of red or green chilies.  It will make the dish totally different in taste.

    · Put a pinch of it in your pizza dough to taste how amazing it is!

    · Use it in soups for getting rid of its sweetness that does not impress elders especially in your home.

    · Use in to make flavored popcorns at home.

    · Use it in dips to add more flavor and spicy taste.

    · Salads are no exception to this big list.  You can very well try a pinch with your fresh vegetable salads too.


    kura karam podi

  • Nalla karam podi

    This Nalla Karam Podi is an exceptional side dish made in a unique way compared to other powders with the healthiest ingredients.  Despite being similar to Karam Podi, this Nalla Karam Podi has a different texture, color and flavor.  Nalla Karam literally means “Black Chili’ in Telugu.  The name goes as it is prepared with black urad dhal and chilies as its main ingredients.  In fact, every home has their own version of making different varieties of podis.  They all must have tried varied permutations and combinations to attain the best recipe.  We at Coastaruchulu also took the lessons from our ancestors to prepare the ideal Nalla Karam Podi for you.  Purchase online for the same to eat the perfect way in which Nalla Karam is prepared.


    Nalla karam podi

  • Nuvvula karam podi

    This Nuvvula Podi can be used as a dip for most of your favorite breakfast, dinner and snack items.  It can also be mixed while preparation of snack items to add more crunchiness to your murukku or chakkli for the matter.  Having idly or dosa with nuvvulu podi is the best breakfast you can ever have actually.  Even when you eat snacks like French fries or rolls or samosa, you can use this podi as a side dish or dip.  Mix it with water or olive oil and make a thick paste to even use it as a salad dressing.

    Benefits of Sesame:

    If you are a vegetarian, Nuvvula Podi  is a must include dish in your daily diet for the necessary proteins or energy source you need to get from your food.  Know what are the benefits of sesame seeds?

    · Prevents diabetes

    · Cures anemia

    · Better cardiovascular health

    · Has anti-cancer properties

    · Gives relief from rheumatoid arthritis

    · Better respiratory and oral health

    · Helps you to reduce anxiety and nourishes all your organs



    Nuvvula karam podi

  • Palli Karam Podi

    Even though making chutneys for your breakfast like peanut chutney / groundnut chutney, coconut chutney or tomato chutney is easy, not all the days will you have the time and patience to do it.  Imagine you have a meeting in the early morning or when someone at home is not keeping well and you have to rush to office in the heavy traffic, what will you do?  Just for your rescue comes these life saving powders from Coastaruchulu in various combinations to please all your requirements like good taste, perfectly healthy as it is home-made, uses 100% natural ingredients sourced directly from farmers, freshly-packed and also a longer shelf life in spite of having no additives or preservatives in it.Dry chutneys Powder like Ground Nut chutney Powder / Peanuts chutney Powder or instant powders have a special love among Indians as they give us the required amount of proteins and minerals at once when taken along with breakfast, lunch or dinner.  The right way to get energy sourced for your body is through proteins.  Don’t miss it!  You can also sprinkle it on your chats or other snacks to add more crunchiness. Besides all the ongoing debates about sending healthy school lunches or snacks to kids, you can make an easy lunch with an uthappam sprinkled with some pappula podi / Ground Nut chutney Powder.  It is the biggest hit in every home among all other favorite Indian recipes.


    Palli Karam Podi

  • Pasupu powder

    A nature’s gift to keep your system clean is this turmeric powder and it serves its purpose only when in its pure form.  The place where you can get non-adulterated turmeric powder is from people who buy and grind it directly from farmers.  We at Coastaruchulu have the ideal quality turmeric powder which will give you completely all the medicinal properties.

    · Turmeric is the best antibiotic ever seen.  It works externally to kill germs when made into a paste and applied on wounds and it also kills bacteria and germs inside your body when used in the food you cook.

    . Those who have the habit of applying turmeric powder after taking bath are totally free from any kind of skin allergies or bug bites or any other external skin problems.  Remember our grannies used to do it.  In fact, it reduces excessive hair growth in any place in the body when applied daily and helps to treat women who have problem of hirsutism (abnormal hair growth on the face and body).

    · The curcumin present in turmeric turns the environmental toxins into carcinogens in the body.

    · When turmeric is added while cooking it alleviates inflammation in the digestive system by improving easy digestion of fats and sugars.  After all it is so difficult to control our tongue and we eat more or less at many times.  Now at these situations comes turmeric to our rescue.  You can mix 1 spoon of turmeric in luke warm water and drink it to get rid of stomach pain.

    · Mix a spoon of turmeric with milk while it boils and add a tea spoon of pepper along with it.  Filter this milk and drink it when you have severe cough and cold.  It soothes your throat and helps you get rid of the allergy cough you have.  It prevents flu.

    · Turmeric treats osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  If you need temporary relief from mild joint pains and inflammation, consume this spice on a daily basis.

    · It reduces the symptoms of bloating and gas.

    · It helps to detoxify your liver, prevents anemia, will keep you more immune.


    Pasupu powder

  • Pullihora paste

    In every home, this will definitely be a rice base used two to three days a week.  Not only in households, but a famous and delicious dish offered to God in the form of naivedhyam and distributed as prasadham in temples.  Pulihora is a best travel companion when you decide to travel during day time in a train, bus or car.  Puliyogare is the food that tastes yummy even when it is cool and hence preferred by kids for their lunch pack to school in the afternoon.  Pulihora paste can be used as a side dish for idly or dosa when you don’t have time to prepare a chutney or sambar on any day.  It is also helpful to make a quick breakfast when you are short of idly or dosa batter as it easy to prepare.  Just 2 steps involved.

    Step 1:  Cook some plain rice (Add 2 teaspoons of oil to the rice and cook it so that the rice doesn’t become sticky)

    Step 2:  Add Coastaruchulu Pulihora paste and mix evenly.  If needed sprinkle some coriander on top of the mixed rice in order to give more flavor and taste.

    When served with little potato chips, papadam, vathal or vadam, wow!  What else do you need?  It is the famous dish in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.  It has the pride of being the highest consumed South Indian Food as well and is given a place next to idly always in every South Indian Kitchen.


    Pullihora paste


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