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Red-stemmed Gongura is mostly used for making pickles as it has a little bit of more sour taste than green-stemmed ones.  Actually there is another factor which contributes to its sourness and that is the climate of a place.  The hotter the place where it grows, the more sour it is.  Hence, Andhra Pradesh produces the best quality gongura leaves.

Healthy combinations have a special significance in our daily diet.  One such combination is Gongura Mutton Pickle / Gongura Mutton Aachar / Gongura Mamsam.  Eating mutton pickle on a Sunday afternoon itself is a treat!  If health is also taken care through adding greens to that pickle, why would anyone hesitate to eat it?  Every Sunday trying to satisfy the whole family by cooking something new as well as delicious is a tedious task for all house wives and worse for working women; because they feel like taking rest on that one day at least.  If you order online for a Gongura Mutton Pickle and keep it accessible from your storage shelves, you can surprise your family with delicious mutton rice.

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