Shipping & Delivery Policy

Product delivery will vary depending on various factors such as location, weather, accessibility, unforeseen situations, etc.

  • The delivery date and delivery time are given by us is only an estimate and is not exact. It is dependent on various factors such as product availability, Acts of God, accessibility to destination, vagaries of weather, unforeseen circumstances, etc. Therefore, it is non-binding and we will not be liable for any refunds, cancellations, etc. In case of a delay in delivery, we would try to contact you.
  • Our suggestion would be to place your order at least 5 days in advance.
  • In case of any dispute, we will provide proof of delivery.
  • We will try to attempt delivery of your perishable products, like cakes and flowers only once and redelivery will not be done. If the delivery has not been completed in that one attempt, you will still be charged for it.
    • if a wrong shipping or delivery address has been provided, OR if the recipient is not available, OR if the recipient refuses to take the order, OR if the premises is locked, we will think of the order as executed.
    • We request those who place the order to ask the recipient to tell to deliver to someone else such as a neighbor/ watchman, etc. if the recipient is not available.
  • Deliveries will be made only on working days.
  • In case of a recipient not being available at the time of delivery, then that shall not be counted as late delivery and we will not be liable for any refunds, cancellations, complaints, etc

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